Welcome. How to get about.

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Welcome. How to get about.

Post  Mathias Køhler on Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:17 am

Hi guys! this is your favourite awesome experienced roleplayer here. I am creating a small guide about how this forum works.

To sign up: Click register. Enter relevant information.

To edit your profile: Click on profile. Change what you want. The white tabs at the top are other things you can change. Scroll over them to see what they are.

To post: When you are in a THREAD. Click on Post Reply. When in an RP thread please do not post stuff under 5 scentences otherwise it will be hard to continue the RP. Otherwise just post whatever length you want.

To edit a post: Click on the scissors.

To delete a post: Click on the cross.

To quote a post: Click on the quotation marks.

To start a new thread: When you are in a BOARD. Click on new topic. Please only do this if your post cannot go into the other threads.

Post: the thing that is written up.
Thread: A collection of posts
Board: A collection of threads

God, that probably sounded patronising. Any questions?

Happy Roleplaying!

*....* - an action when in OOC or when chatting.
//shot// - no need for an explination for this
((....)) - While in roleplay OOC goes in here.

OOC: Out of character
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